Welcome to the Tribe

A Wild Soul Tribe offers unique pieces, handcrafted with love, ethical and responsible creations.

And it’s so much more…

Beyond the love for art, it’s the one for our planet that drives me. Natural material use, upcycle, ode to Nature, here we love and respect Earth.

Nice to meet you

When the love of Nature, the fascination for its magic and the passion of creating blend together with a wandering soul, you get creations from the heart. A Wild Soul Tribe is born of the need to create, the desire to make art and share. I don’t want to only share unique pieces, but my values as well. The easiest way to explain those might be by “decrypting” the name and logo of the brand.

The triangle pointing downward and with a line is the Earth element’s symbol.

The Vegvisir is a Northern symbol of protection and guidance. Its bearer will always find his way through the storm, even if he does not know his destination.

“A Soul Tribe” is an expression used to describe a group of people supporting each other. They understand each other and resonate together, they share similar values and beliefs.

“Wild” could be pretty straight forward but let’s go a bit deeper and remind you the dictionary defines the term in relation to non-domesticated animal species, living freely in nature; a plant growing in it’s natural environment, not cultivated; or a virgin land, a place still unspoiled by humankind.

And that’s what I’m aiming for, reconnecting with freedom, with all wild things in and out, with my roots, with the Earth we live on, with the universal energy that flows through all things. In order to do so, A Wild Soul Tribe has an eco-friendly approach not only in the creative process, but also for all packaging and printable. Whenever it’s not possible to reuse and recycle, I choose products in line with my respect for the environment, the people and communities (and our furry friends). I even chose a “green” web hosting solution for this site!

I love Nature and want to protect her.


The tribe

Meet the artist(s).

Discover a bit more about me…

… while waiting for the tribe to grow.



Jewel designer/ Photographer

For the moment I’m the Tribe (you are too)… and that’s okay after all aren’t we all a bit more than one person only?

This is where I tell you a bit more about myself I guess. I’m pretty curious and it’s not always a bad thing. I love creating, shooting photos and making things in general. I also love to travel (I astualy adore it), discover new cultures, new people and exchange. It’s during my travels I feelt the need to go back to the essential, the love of Nature won, and it might have been the moment the seeds of A Wild Soul Tribe was planted, who knows.

In 2016, on the roads of Australia, I made my first jewel using an energetic stone (I still wear that jasper around my neck) and a new passion grows, a new link between creation and nature.

One thing for sure, there are so many ideas in my head, I should soon be able to offer you more than jewels.