Stones protect and support you with their positive properties, it only makes sense they have to regularly be purified to get rid of bad energies they may have stored. If not, they might lose in efficiency until being inactive or even polluting, if charged with too much negative vibes.

When to purify your stone?

When you receive it:

Generally speaking, your stone will have been subject to a lot of influences since its extraction. It’s important to free it from them and recharge it with its own initial energies.

That being said, I do purify and recharge each stone before working with it, reason being I’m manipulating them and don’t want negative influences interfering with my creative process (and my own energy). Also, even if I do make a point to never work with your stones when feeling down, the last touch after the piece is done is a new purification… you never know, right!? That why they should not be too polluted when you receive them.


When wearing it:

Which you probably do if you’re here, as we create jewels!

As I said earlier, your stone is going to store the energies surrounding it, yours and your environment’s ones. The intensity of that load is not set and will partly depend on your personal state. In general, a purification is advised when you don’t feel the benefits of your stone anymore. If you’re not that connected to your stone yet or are not sure what you feel toward the mineral, don’t worry. A weekly purification should do, except if you face a particularly challenging situation, don’t wait, purify right away!


After a treatment:

If you’re using your stone for a lithotherapy treatment, clean it right after the session.


And if you just leave it in a corner:

If your stone is just sitting in a room, you still have to purify it about once a month, or right after a disruptive event happening in this place.


How to purify your stone?


They are different purification methods depending on the stone and the time you want to spend doing it. That being said, I will only share the ones I consider safe for your jewels as to not damage them (some technics use clay, dirt or a great amount of salt putting at risk the non-mineral parts of your jewel). Remember to always bring good intentions, thanks and gratitude for Nature (and the gifts she’s offering us) in your purification process.

Purification with water

It’s the easiest way but non-the-less really effective. Simply place your stone under running water for a few minutes, visualizing negative energies going back to the earth to be purified and recycled. And even if you feel it’s a waste of water do not drink or use this water (it’s charged with bad energy).

The green version of it, which I prefer but is not always available: during a nature walk, find a stream and dip your stone in it for a few minutes. Or by a rainy day, just put your stone outside to offer it a purification bath. Those two methods have the advantage of being connected to Mother Nature.

Purification with smoke

Smoke is a method I particularly like, it’s soft and efficient. Use palo santo, white sage or incense (make sure it’s natural) and simply place your stone in the smoke coming up. Remember your intentions, ask for the stone to be purified and imagine the negative energies going away with the smoke. Don’t forgot to open your windows if you’re doing it indoor so the harmful energies can get out.

Purification with sound

Sound has the faculty to clear harmful spirits and energies. Place your stone on a piece of fabric and into your Tibetan bowl and make it sing and vibrate for at least 5 minutes. You can add water to your bowl if you wish.

Purification with crystal or amethyst cluster

Place your stone on a cluster of rock crystal or amethyst for 8 to 24 hours for purifying and recharging it. The geodes are stones and so they can also store negative energies. Don’t forget to purify and recharge them now and then. I would advise to use the water purification method and to let it fully recharge one night (at least) in the moonlight (see below).


How to recharge your stone?

With the Sun or the Moon

Some stones prefer the sun and others the moon…

The solar stones

Then solar stones are generally minerals with warm colors like yellow, orange, red, brown or black. Because they love the sun, they will recharge efficiently in its presence or in natural light.

Simply put your stone outside, in the direct light so it can benefit a maximum of the sun’s influence to regenerate. If the temperature is too high and the sun really hot, the recharging will be faster (don’t leave your stone too long as it might fade). And don’t forget the sun is here even if you just see clouds in the sky, it will act on your mineral. Just leave it few hours for a full recharging.

The lunar stones

Lunar stones are minerals with cooler colors like blue, green, pink, purple or white. If you can, choose a full moon night to recharge your stone, even better if the sky is clear and put your stone outside so it will benefit a maximum form the moon’s influence to regenerate. This recharging is really soft and efficient, just leave your mineral in its moonlight bath for at least an hour.

With a Tibetan bowl

Place three quartz crystals around your bowl, pointing toward it. One of them has to be North of the bowl. This recharging will take few hours and will be more efficient if you make your Tibetan bowl sing and vibrate now and then.


P.S: This guide is probably not the most comprehensive one but it gives you the baseline to take care of your stones. If you have any doubts on how to purify or recharge your mineral I would advise you do some research. You can obviously send me an e-mail or leave a comment. You can also refer to this table by France Mineral whose website I use, among other sources, to sum-up the properties of your favorite stones (if you’re looking for a more complete description, I do recommend to check them out).

Thanks to the Universe.

Thanks to our Planet.

Thanks to you.